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Mayfair is one of the few places in London not to have its own tube station and this fairly unusual in the city however given that most places in central London are within walking distance of each other the tube system can be accessed by using the Marble Arch station instead. There is, in fact a tube station called Down Street in Mayfair however this was closed down by Transport for London in 1932 due to low passenger numbers although talks have been reintroduced given that Mayfair has once again become a thriving residential, commercial and retail centre.

Other than commuters and visitors it is highly unlikely that locals and residents would use the public system given that they are used to travelling in somewhat more convenient style. A Mayfair resident is typically very wealthy and would probably have a private chauffeur or driver to act upon the whims of the passenger at any time of the day or night.

Our Mayfair escorts are the very personification of elegance, refinement and beauty. They are the cream of the crop and the most highly successful personal companion you could hope to meet. Our Mayfair escorts who offer incalls in this salubrious area are extremely successful and indeed may be business women in their own right. Whilst the residential areas of Mayfair seem quiet and subdued this is only a façade as there is certainly plenty going on if you know where to look. Some of the most exclusive nightclubs and casinos can be found (or not) in Mayfair. These clubs tend to operate on an invitation only basis and are usually in the underground basements of the elegant and cavernous buildings. This is a fair reflection on Mayfair in general, quiet and reserved on the outside with a hive of activity going on behind the scenes.

Our sensational Mayfair escorts are equally as refined on the outside and are perfect for public engagements and social events. They are comfortable in all social situations and so ideal for the evening soirees which regularly take place in the area. In private though it is a different matter with our Mayfair escorts being some of the most exotic and erotic in the city. You can guarantee an amazing encounter with any of our beauties in Mayfair and the only limit is your own imagination as to how much fun you will have.

All our Mayfair escorts are extremely experienced and have an adventurous nature. This might come as something of an unexpected surprise but a welcome one no doubt. Never be fooled into thinking that our Mayfair escorts are as reserved in private as they are in public and sometimes the air of mystery on compounds the excitement enjoyed in private. Take a look at our Mayfair gallery and see which of our Mayfair escorts you would like to spend time with. All our beauties have that timeless appeal that makes them so much in demand. That and their enviable passion for fun and adventurous nature to explore the hidden depths of desire that even you may not realise you have